Change is one of the fundamental facts of life and like everything else relationships are also subject to change. A friendship between two individuals is also subject to change and often-platonic love transforms into the intimacy shared by lovers. Like anything else in life; there are upsides and downsides to going from friends to lovers. However, it is worth the risks if you and your friend have every intention of getting together for the long run. Read further to know more in our video rulette chat blog.

Aim for A Love that Endures

As mentioned before; moving on from being friends to lovers present a few risks that need to be considered however if you are looking for a committed and intimate non-platonic relationship then it’s quite possible that your best friend is just the right person. An important point that needs to be made here is that friendship is not worth ruining for a temporary fling or anything else that is less than true intimacy. You don’t want to move on at some point in time in the future leaving your friend with a broken heart to mend and neither would you want the same to happen to you. This scenario is literally a recipe for a ruined friendship. In case you need convincing to move on from being friends to lovers, there are many upsides to this kind of romantic alliance. Read further to know more.

You Can Bypass the Initial Stages of a Conventional Intimate Relationship

Most lovers start off their journey together with casual dating, unfortunately, this phase can be best described as borderline deceptive. At this point, both individuals are trying their best to impress each other and may not be a true representation of who they really are. With friends, this stage of impressing and wooing can be bypassed. Your friend already knows you and keeping in mind that they have been a good friend to you; there is a good chance that they are sufficiently impressed by who you really are so you can skip the introductions and just move forward to being great lovers.

You Can Truly Be Yourself

For many months and sometimes even years after a couple first gets together, both or one individual refrains from being themselves. This is impossible when your friend becomes your lover. Your friend knows you well and adores you and all your idiosyncrasies so you can very well enjoy being yourself instead of being little miss perfect or the suave gentleman.

It’s Sure to Be a Fun Ride

Friendship is based on commonalities and shared passions and when your friend becomes your lover; it is sure to be a fun ride. Couples have fun too but a friend who becomes a lover knows just what you call a good time. Imagine the wild stories you are going to collect on the way even as you walk the path of love with a true friend and an even truer lover. Love and friendship is truly an unbeatable combination.