Your first date with a prospective romantic interest can be a tricky affair. It can be nerve-racking if you are new to the dating game and even for those who are not; the lofty goal is to know the person that you would possibly further a romantic relationship with. The first date and the information you can gather about your date is often the deciding factor for a second date and even more dates. So how do you truly get to the essence of a person without coming across as an interviewer or an interrogator?


Understanding and subsequently defining intimacy for the reader would require close observation of couples in committed long-term relationships. These individuals who form a partnership with the intent of navigating life together are living examples of intimacy and we will take lessons from their lives to better understand intimacy. The primary way to do this is to grab the visual and verbal clues that couples send out. Read further to know more in our roulette video chat blog.


Change is one of the fundamental facts of life and like everything else relationships are also subject to change. A friendship between two individuals is also subject to change and often-platonic love transforms into the intimacy shared by lovers. Like anything else in life; there are upsides and downsides to going from friends to lovers. However, it is worth the risks if you and your friend have every intention of getting together for the long run. Read further to know more in our video rulette chat blog.


The friendzone is literally the death zone for young love and those who get friendzoned often spend a miserably long amount of time in this trap before moving on. For those who are not familiar with the contemporary slang “friendzone”; this single word is used to describe the complicated circumstances of being labeled and treated as “Just A Friend” or “A Good Friend” by the guy or girl you wish to have a romantic relationship with.


Some men play games and some women suffer in silence always wondering why. These games can commence right after the first date and extend far into the relationship. Women who are curious creatures often bear with these games just to understand why. If you happen to be a woman trying o demystify a man who has been playing games with you for a while; our roulette chats blog hopes you can find answers here.