Some men play games and some women suffer in silence always wondering why. These games can commence right after the first date and extend far into the relationship. Women who are curious creatures often bear with these games just to understand why. If you happen to be a woman trying o demystify a man who has been playing games with you for a while; our roulette chats blog hopes you can find answers here.

Games Men Play

It’s important to recognize the nature of the games men play with women before trying to figure out why. The points below are sure to enlighten you. A man is playing games with you if he is…

  • Telling half-truths.
  • Oscillating between an active interest in you and complete ignorance of your existence.
  • Disappears from your life every now and then.
  • Isn’t forthcoming about his personal life.
  • Doesn’t give you the attention that other women get from their partners.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably because you are dealing with a playboy but the question is why does this boy play? Read further to find your answers.

He Isn’t Sufficiently Into You

It is possible to be partially interested in someone but not completely in a place of love. Both men and women often indulge in these half-hearted attempts at a relationship just to avoid being single. Unfortunately being single has negative connotations for many people and both men and women would rather sit on the fence than go over to the singles zone. The man who is playing games with you could most probably be sitting on the fence and is not sufficiently into you. It’s your prerogative to read the writing on the wall.

You Could Unknowingly Be His Side Chick

People make questionable decisions that often are the cause of undeserved emotional distress for others. Having a side chick in addition to a primary partner is a despicable yet commonplace phenomenon. You could very well be his side chick if he is playing the kind of games which make you feel like less than number one. The clues to look out for here is his occasional involvement in your life, his disappearing episodes, and apparent half-truths or lies about what he has been up to when not with you.

He Might Not Be Ready to Commit

The unwillingness to commit to a relationship often results in unnecessary games. If you are looking for a long-term committed relationship; it might be best to let him know and watch him walk away if he wants to. If he stays; ask him to stop with the games and let him know that he isn’t signing up for a wedding just by being with you. The inability to totally commit is often the result of practical reasons like a career or the desire to know you more. Allow him to feel confident that there isn’t any undue pressure on him to commit right away but do make it clear that it would be something you are looking forward to in the future.