The friendzone is literally the death zone for young love and those who get friendzoned often spend a miserably long amount of time in this trap before moving on. For those who are not familiar with the contemporary slang “friendzone”; this single word is used to describe the complicated circumstances of being labeled and treated as “Just A Friend” or “A Good Friend” by the guy or girl you wish to have a romantic relationship with. People stuck in the friendzone are subjected to cruel amounts of self-inflicted anguish and a desperate need for another individual who seems almost out of their league. It’s easy to see that isn’t exactly the most happening place to be; fortunately there are ways to avoid the friendzone. Read further to know more in our cam chat roulette blog.

Take Risks

The number one way to bypass the friendzone is to take risks and let the person you are romantically interested in, know all about your feelings. This comes with the chances of rejection but as wise men say… “No guts, no glory”.  There is more than a good chance that after being a good friend to your person of non-platonic interest for a while, they might be quite accommodating of your new status as a potential lover. There is also the chance that they might not be able to imagine you as anything but a friend but that is a bitter pill you might just have to swallow. In comparison, being friendzoned is much more torturous.

Ask Him or Her Out

Friends don’t date so one obvious way to avoid the friendzone is to ask him or her out on a date. There is definitely no two ways about this sure-shot strategy to get out of the friendzone. Once again, your proposal of a romantic date might be turned down but you just need to man up or woman up.

Be Flirtatious

Rushing to get out of the friendzone may not be the brightest idea in some cases but you need to set the tone and alert your person of interest to the fact that you definitely do not belong to the friendzone. You set the tone by being flirtatious to a safe yet conspicuous degree. Don’t be creepy but don’t let your flirting go unnoticed either. Say sweet nothings and be sure to compliment him or her in ways that any other another friend wouldn’t.  If you do not want to ambush your crush with a proposal too soon, set the tone with flirting.

Leave the Friendzone

People can be selfish; they may not be able to reciprocate the feelings you have for them but still, want to have you stick around as a friend. If you have used all of the strategies above and your emotions haven’t been required by your person of interest; it’s your cue that you need to find the nearest door out of the friendzone. Move on and cast your nets wider, and heaven knows, next time you might just catch a fish that isn’t as annoyingly friendly.