Understanding and subsequently defining intimacy for the reader would require close observation of couples in committed long-term relationships. These individuals who form a partnership with the intent of navigating life together are living examples of intimacy and we will take lessons from their lives to better understand intimacy. The primary way to do this is to grab the visual and verbal clues that couples send out. Read further to know more in our roulette video chat blog.

Physical Clues

The next time you are at a social gathering, observe the behaviors of a seemingly happy couple who have been together for a considerable amount of time. Observe how they mostly stay by each other’s side, have collective conversations with other people at the party and generally appear as a team. It is easy to spot a couple at a social gathering not because they are indulging in private couple activities but because they represent a team. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a team, Colleen and Jack who have been together for 5 years are a team. It is clichéd to quote that there is no “I” in "Team" but these couples make this fact apparent. Here is one clue that will help you understand intimacy, read further to know more.

Verbal Clues

Intimate couples will often give away many verbal clues that define intimacy. A married couple will often share their opinions as a collective unit. For example; Mrs. Smith would say “We prefer skimmed milk” which points out to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s common preferences. Mr. Smith might enjoy full-fat milk every now and then but skimmed milk is something they both agree upon after years of being together. This is a clue to understanding intimacy and the unanimously shared preferences of an intimate couple. Your workmate at the office may often call up his or her spouse to relay information that may not seem significant to you. The spouse on the other end of the line will be genuinely interested in this bit of seemingly insignificant information. It is apparent that this team is navigating and experiencing life together as one cohesive unit. Their shared experience of life with its excitements and banalities is a dead giveaway for intimacy. 

Not All Couples are Intimate

Intimacy is an invisible and often fragile thread that binds two people. This thread can be broken and not all couples are truly intimate. Miscommunications, poor conflict resolution and unfortunate mismatch of two people can result in unhappy couples who lack intimacy. This lack of intimacy is not indicative of the absence of desire to be intimate with one’s partner or someone else. Keeping unhappy couples aside; even those of us who are single, desire intimacy. This is a basic psychological need that is fulfilled by different people in different ways; sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully.

In conclusion; understanding intimacy and acknowledging our need for intimacy will generally lead to the fact that it is an important aspect of life which can truly enhance the quality of one’s existence.