Many people, having lived a certain period of time together, begins to think about what connects them: love or affection. Conventionally, this question can be classified as - the million. Psychologists allocated six types of attachments that may exist between men and women. By the way, this applies not only to the relationship, but also in friendship. Read more about relationships on the Internet with our best video chat blog.

One of the most common types of attachments is consumerism

When one person is nice and convenient to systematically use another is similar to the use of things. There can be no question about love. All the more so with time the user get bored and stale kind of relationship. For example, the husband regularly uses his wife without attention on her special feelings, just because it is convenient. But after a time he bored monotony, and the habit of getting him into trouble. Another thing, when it's mutual enjoyment. This is usually characteristic of intimate relationships without commitment, when people other than sexual overtones do not need anything from each other. This habit can last for years without much damage to both partners.

The second popular type is children's affection

When a spouse is not only a partner, but also a patron - is typical of those couples where one partner for a long time controlled and took care of the parents. In his partner he is seeking and waiting for the same care. This attachment is akin to love, but also it is not. It is rather a way to live without worries, calm and measured. This type, if it all possible assistance, corrupts man turning into an adult child who only knows the word "want", forgetting that there is also a "must". Most often found in pairs, where one partner or older, or more psychologically mature.

Of course, how could we forget about the owner type?

This attachment is somewhat similar to the consumer, with the only difference that the owner plans to use the "thing" all the time. In fact, the owners and get married to the object of his habit was always there. In this case, if the object is not happy with the place and wants to leave, then his actions are equated with treason, causing a lot of negativity. Naturally, the love here and does not smell.

Related child attachment type

Such person nice and comfortable, to take care of his habit always and everywhere; on the one hand, this habit is like most in love, on the other - this love more parental than between partners. A perfect match is the one who is looking for the patron and the one who wants to be him. But, in such a relationship often nullified by an intimate moment, that equates a relationship yet to parent, patron longer satisfy his natural instincts (the parent). When an object is its habit develops this type of relationship, it tends to freedom and maturity, plunging his patron in anguish.

Another type of attachment is the player

Most often this type occurs among adolescents, whose relations are more of the nature of the game and knowing himself, the opposite sex and relationships as such. Such people have a lot of common interests, similar views, aspirations to experiment and gain experience. In intimate terms such relationships are perfect, but not quite suitable for sharing, because most of the partners have not yet mature and are unable to care for each other.