Online dating is not as nerve-wracking as asking a complete stranger on a date in real-time but it definitely takes some communication skills to message a complete stranger with the intention of getting to know them. The first message you send out to a complete stranger on a chat site can often determine whether the person on the other end will respond to you or not so there is definitely some merit to putting a little more effort into it. Your first message cannot be a complete biography of who you are but a short message could reflect a sense of humor, a goofy personality or courteousness. The onus is on you as to which approach you wish to take. You can always get a clue from the profile information of the person you wish to pursue. Read further for actual greetings to use while chatting and helpful tips on sending out that first message to a person of interest on an online dating site.

Hi and Hello

If you prefer a simple “Hi” or “Hello”, there are many ways to put forward the exact same sentiments without being overly familiar. There isn’t any compulsion on being generic just because you don’t wish to seem too forthcoming. Listed below are few ways to send out a simple greeting while chatting on a dating site.

  • Hey, I hope you’re having a nice day.
  • Hi, How is today treating you?
  • Hey, can we chat for a while and fill the time?
  • Hey, got a minute for a new friend?
  • Hey, I hope your day is going as good as mine.
  • Hey, I hope you are having a better day than I am.
  • Hi, the interesting profile you have there.

All of the above are simple and courteous ways to start a conversation. Select the examples that are most likely to start off a conversation and need more than a one-word response.

Funny or Innocently Flirty Greetings

Funny or innocently flirty greetings work well on online dating sites. The intention here is to get a smile on the other end even if you are not physically there to see it.  There is also a chance you will get a smiley emoticon in the response from the other end if you play your cards right. Listed below are few flirty or funny greetings that you can use when you message a stranger for the first time whilst on a dating site.

  • Hi or hello isn’t enough, I have to let you know how beautiful you are!
  • The site says we’re a match, let’s prove it.
  • I can’t think of anything but a big hello but I’m not always this dumb.
  • We should talk because this might be your only chance to know me.
  • I could write you a love song but let’s start with hello.
  • I saw your profile and I wasted no time in messaging you, I’m committed to this chat thing with you.

The examples above are indicative of humor you can use to initiate a chat with a stranger online. Inject your own humor into these greetings and personalize them to suit you.