Most women believe that they know how to manage a man. Actually, it turns out that only a few can do it. Control the man - is a real art. The most important rule of manipulation is that the man did not notice that he was trying to impose the will of others. Men do not suffer if their freedom of someone attempts, especially a woman. Not for nothing that people say: listen to what a woman says and do the opposite. According to this principle, and lives most of the stronger sex. According to them, if women follow advice means thereby violating their freedom. That's why women and are forced to use various manipulations to achieve their goals. In a way, it's always hidden manipulation, since men are very value their freedom. If all the time a man put tough conditions, bans, it is not surprising that it will do the opposite. After all, he believes that the restrictions and other conditions - is, above all, a sign of disrespect to him. It offends his honor and dignity. Learn more about relationships with our best webcam sites blog.

There are a few rules of the hidden man of manipulation:

  1. Do not talk to the man imperiously. Clerks tone is usually perceived them as an attempt to attacks on his freedom. It can be used to request your target with a question mark: "Darling, I've started a cleaning, you could not help me a bit?"
  2. Look for an alternative. For example, your bf is going to spend the evening with friends. There is no need to prohibit it, try to find an alternative. Have dinner with his most favorite dishes, or hike to the cinema for the film, which he had long wanted to see. It should intrigue a man to come up with something that seems to him more compelling when compared with the evening gatherings with friends.
  3. Make it so that he took the right decision. You only need a little hint. For example, you do not burn with the desire to go to a party outside the city. If you try to persuade him not to go, he will still be on his own. You must make sure that he had changed his mind. This decision can be a little push, with the support of some of your common friends. Tell him as if by accident, the weather that day will be rainy, or that the place is not very suitable for a picnic. If your arguments will be sufficiently strong, it will start to certainly think that it would be nice to stay at home in this rain.
  4. Use your weakness. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to control a man. By its nature, the woman is the weaker sex, and therefore needs the help of the stronger sex. Only need to skillfully use its weakness. Men are susceptible to flattery and compliments. Your request for assistance is able to give a man a sense of its importance and strength. Even the most basic requests can cause a man a sense of pride in their achievements. In addition, it will be difficult to refuse you the next time when you are need more help.