Love addiction is kind of psychological dependence on the strong feelings experienced by a person. It can be compared with alcohol, drug, and Internet addiction. The object of addiction could be anything, but mechanisms are formed on the basis of interpersonal relations, work similarly, leading to self-destruction. Learn more with our best webcam chat blog.

Characteristic features of love addiction can be called an insatiable need for love, morbid jealousy and demand absolute love from a partner. How to recognize e the feelings experienced by you, true love, or a love relationship? In healthy love relationship, each partner has its own private space; own circle of friends, their own passion - that is, a piece of life, belongs only to them. The second partner refers to privacy favorite (oops) with respect and understanding, without encroaching on the "private property".

The intensity of feelings with love addiction comes from desperation rather than out of a desire to know each other better. Left alone, a person suffering from addiction, ceases to feel unified whole person. The emotional comfort so dependent on a partner, around whom he builds his life, that the parting is a fatal blow to the system of the existence of a dependent person. There is a feeling of disorientation painful as loving relationship was only significant for the addict reason to live.

Causes of love addiction

The main problem of relations with the addicted person is to stop personal growth, and sometimes the degradation of both parties relationship. That dependence is characterized by the word "love" is actually a barren, frozen and destructive relationships in which the object performs functions based software needs for calm and confidence, and the illusion of love is in last place, there is no real intimacy.

The reasons of occurrence of a love addiction and the nature of its manifestations may be different. Often love addiction is fueling low self-esteem: a dependent person agrees to tolerate any attitude towards him; only to the object of his dependence was close. A striking example of such a case of well-known proverb "Beats - means love."

Another reason for the emotional dependency can be obtained in childhood emotional trauma - it is the lack of attention and respect, lack of communication, indifference and negligence on the part of the mother, sexual harassment or abuse of adults.

How to get rid of love addiction?

For recovery from dependence is necessary, first of all, find the aspirations and values ​​for which costs really begin to live, to include in its range of interests different hobbies, occupations, friends, and not just an object dependency. To achieve this, we must try to realize their own price - the value itself as a real person, not the application to the other partner. To learn to love and appreciate yourself, to find true love, it is important to enlist the support of their partner. However, if by the help of a partner is not expected to have to make the most difficult step is to break up with him, no matter how it hurt.