Each woman will sooner or later begin to worry about the question of the seriousness of the man with whom she is currently in a relationship. At the same time serious intentions is considered something global, for example, marriage, or even a civil marriage. Read more about relationships on the Internet with our best webcam sites blog.

Talking about concrete or other men's actions, which would clearly and showed seriousness, it is difficult. Much depends on the circumstances of life, upbringing, education, and to a large extent - from the material provisions of the beloved as an example, several indices. Here they are:

  • Meeting with his family. Of course, not every girl wants to acquaint boyfriends with their families. And if the meeting with the sister or brother can take place, and with a little sympathy, here to show my mother, most likely, will want only a select;
  • Meeting with children from previous marriages. All that, one way or another, connected with children, for men has a pretty big difference. Even parents are easier to explain the reasons for parting with a certain lady, than children who this person was provided. So dare to take this step a man is likely to be decided on the verge of marriage;
  • There is still more important is the invitation to live with him. Empty on its territory, which formed a certain way, over the years is quite a serious step? Many men do with horror think that someone would arrange their jars in the bathroom; it takes most of the clothes closet and will not be allowed to bring friends to drink beer. But the willingness to share the way of life - it's about saying something.
  • Proposal and the ring. For men as for women, the ring is a symbol of marriage. And until he is ready to live his life with, he could give anything: earrings, pendants, bracelets and so on;
  • Giving very expensive items, such as cars, apartments, coats. It is believed, the more a man puts money in the woman, and the less likely that he will throw it in the latter. He will feel sorry for elementary investments. But to invest in unpromising options he did not become;
  • Requests to have a baby. This item is quite ticklish and depends, perhaps, on the age of the man. Young people can easily talk about his paternity, even dream about it, but the occurrence of such an elementary can be frightened of responsibility. On the other hand mature men who already have children and are well aware of what it means to a child may thus wish to secure the Union;
  • The willingness of women to adopt children from the first marriage. Here, of course, we are talking about situations where the baby is not the pope. Then the desire of man to become a father formally legally indicates a very serious intent.

However, these figures may indicate the seriousness of the intentions or did not indicate such. As well as the absence of these criteria are not necessarily talking about frivolous attitude to women. For example, a man is not familiar with woman and with her families, because as shy of his family. The children can stay in another city, he sees them once a year, so their approval or disapproval of candidates chosen one by and large does not solve anything.