To find a better man need to properly observe its behavior. However, some of the actions of men often introduced women astray, leaving the wrong impression. Keep your eye on our best cam sites blog, new articles are updating constantly!

The generosity of a man depends on how much he spends on you

Many men consciously go to great expense in order to attract the attention of women. This behavior may disappear after a man will do to your location. The logic is that if a lady has won, and then why makes further efforts. Here and there comes a disappointment by any woman, because in the beginning it is literally bombarded with expensive gifts, and now evens a bouquet of flowers and a rarity. And yet a man constantly requires a report about every penny spent to see if your man is generous indeed see how it behaves in real life, how much to save. You can ask if he helps his parents, the main thing to do it unobtrusively. If you find out that he only spends money on you, and the rest of the budget is subject to strict controls, to be sure, soon these savings will also affect you. Also, do not blame the man of greed, if not floods you gifts on the first date. Rather, he is simply trying to protect themselves against mercantile person. However, it should be wary if your companion, almost to meet you, asks to borrow some money.

A man interested in you, if he asked your phone number

This is not a fact, because many men are asked to number all vending them by themselves, which is not indicative of their intent to call you back. In this situation, you can call itself, and his reaction to see if he seeks further communication. If the conversation he was not given a hint about the meeting, then you can safely delete this option.

He is serious, if carried you home

It is not necessary. This action may explain the qualities of courtesy and good manners, which does not allow him to let the woman go home late. Again, out of courtesy, he may rise to you, a cup of coffee or tea. However, the female nature is built a little differently, and the ladies at once begin to perceive this behavior as a signal for future relations.

You have every right to a man, if you had intimacy

This is probably the most common misconception amongst the fairer sex. If you have had sex and then it does not mean that you can qualify for this man. For men the fact of sex does not mean as much as it means for women. Such proximity does not speak about his intention to build a serious relationship with you. If you are wondering it only in intimate terms, you should not rely on something big. If he starts to pay attention to other women in your presence, you greatly surprise him with her jealousy and complaints, because he comes to a complete certainty that there is nothing between you.

If he declared that he is fall in love with you – it doesn’t mean that he really loves you

Unfortunately, these words have lost their power. In our time, a man can say them for various reasons. For example, if he wants you to get something, or just very good to you. In such cases, you need to focus not on words but on action.