It is impossible to tell about all the tricks resorted to by a woman to keep her lover beside him. And do not always enjoy this ready-made advice. Very often, a woman intuitively builds a line of conduct in its relations with a man. After all, no men with the same characters, style of communication, behavior. But definitely in men is something similar and women needed to know about the young women's tricks, to which they may have recourse in dealing with them. By the way, check out our best free webcam sites, it is totally free!

You have to be strong

Very often, parents make a mistake in the education of their daughters. They are told from childhood that they are "the weaker sex" and they get used to it. Growing up, they are afraid to make decisions, given the prerogative of men. In fact, the weakness in real life becomes the usual laziness. The woman says to him: "I cannot, because I was" weaker sex. «And all the things that she could do are not made, although it is not in the weakness and laziness. It happens, and vice versa, girl who since childhood have heard from parents that it is weak, in adult life begins to realize that this is not so, and sometimes takes a firm and informed decisions in difficult situations. Men usually impressed by the self-sufficient woman, which can be in many areas equal to them. Such relationships are more stable and long-lasting than those where the woman is "the weaker sex". Eternal helpless woman, her weakness is not a guarantee of success. We need to find a middle ground, somewhere to ask for help, and somewhere to do everything herself. This is the female cunning.

Have your interests, hobbies

The good relationship is very often a woman around the supports of the elect. She may even start to get involved in his hobbies, learning his profession. On the one hand well, a woman loves and wants to live her life, to be closer to him. On the other hand the presence of important and a woman's own interests. The strong relations man usually shows a sincere interest in what you are doing. It is important to have something to do their job or a hobby; you will occasionally be given with great pleasure. This may be a continuation of the children's hobby or something related to your professional activity, you decide. This is perhaps the most important in a relationship female cunning. It is to be able to fill their free time. Do not just kill time solving everyday problems which, as we know, will never end. That is to fill it with something interesting. You can deal with knitting, embroidery, handicrafts, or learn foreign languages. After all, if a woman gives herself to her husband's interests, living the life of her husband, she has difficulty in organizing their leisure time and free time on household chores fills. Sooner or later it will become a leisure burden, and it will no longer please the creation of home comfort. Your ability to get involved in anything, take yourself interesting thing is a guarantee that you will be interested in the other person. In order to be interesting, it is necessary primarily interested in something.